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Pohl Equippers Consult

Pohl Equippers is into Business Development. We develop businesses by developing human capital.

We help you convert your problems to opportunities so you can harness the opportunities.


Are you an unemployed graduate? 

Or a Youth Corps member?

Come to Pohl Equippers Consult and learn to be self employed and Self reliant.

We hold your hands until you gain capacity and confidence to continue successfully.

To unemployed graduates, NYSC members inclusive, we teach Self Employment in Start Ups. Why seek to be an employee when you can be the BOSS?

Make the move, because decision determines destiny.


Are you  an owner-manager?

Are you experiencing management challenges?

Ask Pohl Equippers, and you will get solutions


To OWNER MANAGERS of small businesses facing management problems, we offer Enterprise Upgrade Programme. We answer all your questions and teach you to solve similar problems in future. We prepare you to expand successfully.


To a BANK that seeks to penetrate the huge market of under banked small enterprises, Pohl Equippers offer our Train-the-Trainers programme.


Passion is not Enough

I have heard entrepreneurship educators say that "all you need to succeed in business is passion". Nothing is farther from the truth. Passion is only an ingredient, but it is not the main dish. You must master a skill, so that you can put something in the market place. You must learn business techniques to ‘see’ your product or service as a business. You must learn to think like a business person. You must learn to ‘package’, promote and price your offerings. These are often taken for granted. You must learn to look for finance as a business person and not as a beggar.  You need support Networks too. All these and more we offer you at Pohl Equippers.


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